MATRIX REIMPRINTING WITH EFT


​​​​MELINDA SHARPE LCSW 300 St Wallingford CT 06492 US  +1.203-284-0238

I sought help roughly 8 years ago after the terrible breakup of my marriage and was highly depressed, anxious, and agitated. A friend recommended Melinda. Within the first few sessions I knew I was in capable, competent hands. Melinda used a natural mixture of traditional and contemporary alternative therapies at my own comfort level and at my own pace. Over the years I not only healed from marriage breakup, but other traumas and problems that lurked beneath the surface. Today I am close to reaching my full potential, a large part is directly attributable to Melinda's help.

Melinda is thee best therapist for PTSD! She lets you feel ur feelings, she teaches u eft and mindfulness to be able to witness yr feelings and not identify with them. She is open to the energetic worlds and is extremely knowledgable and experienced. And the biggest most awesome thing about Melinda is that she believes that you can heal. She knows you'll be okay and smiles in a secure confident way when you are in yr deepest process. I cannot tell you how much courage this has given me to dare to feel my feelings. 
As a result of working with Melinda I have grown in my capacity to deal with life and have succeeded to sustain a full time job. My self acceptance has grown tremendously.