MATRIX REIMPRINTING WITH EFT

​​​​MELINDA SHARPE LCSW 300 St Wallingford CT 06492 US  +1.203-284-0238

I am glad you are here to learn about the kind of healing and teaching I do and how we may be able to work together. I specialize in treating people who have experienced trauma and have subsequently experienced depression, anxiety, addiction or withdrawal from the joys of life.  I am trained in traditional therapies as well as energy therapies, mindfulness, and EFT with Matrix Reimprinting. These modalities embrace the notion that we are a combination of body, mind and spirit. Healing happens when we feel safe enough to start again experiencing our feelings and building confidence in ourselves once more. 

We have entered a new era in therapy and healing in which Western science is embracing ancient Eastern wisdom. The result is healing modalities that are truly wholistic which enhance and speed up the time it takes to create the shift in your life that you are seeking to make. The basic principles of good practice which include respect, compassion and competence are greatly enhanced by creating a new and expanded understanding of how our brains and mind effect the body and vise verse. The way the brain has evolved to have as it's primary function to avoid  threat rather than to  pursue expansion and embrace innovation and success, has made stepping out of trauma, loss, and grief, as well as limiting beliefs that result from trauma, complicated. With the use of energy therapies, mindfulness and imagery, we can soothe the over-anxious brain, so that solutions and growth can take place, and we can achieve the peace and success we truly desire.