MATRIX REIMPRINTING WITH EFT

​​​The energy of mIndfulness has the power to lessen suffering and enable us to be  aware of the goodness in the present moment. This helps us practice watering the seeds of happiness within us and to care for the fear and pain within us. With practice we become insightful, loving and kind, to ourselves and to others. We become skilled at taking care of our old hurts and our current ones, too, and we can generate and experience peace and joy in the present moment.

Suffering cannot be completely avoided in this world. But through mindfulness, we can become skilled at handling it in ourselves and others, which leads to understanding and compassion. We can experience the oneness of life, the shared experience of birth, life and death. We develop the ability to be present to all that life brings our way in kindness and peace, patient with ourselves an others when we experience painful ways of thinking, speaking or acting. 

What is the role of mindfulness in psychotherapy and healing? In recent years, therapists are embracing the wisdom and healing potential available in mindfulness, and bringing it to their clients. Much of that which we consider to be ill health responds to mindfulness practice beautifully. Many times we carry  hurts or attitudes that cause us to suffer, and mindfulness helps us to release the hurts and cultivate habits that bring peace and joy into our lives everyday. Many of our ills are simply part of the human condition and they respond to the energy of mindfulness. It is also of great value in relieving the extraordinary suffering that can happen in this world, as well. It is something people everywhere can practice every day to create more peace and greater happiness in their lives. This peace has an impact on everyone in our sphere of contacts.


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